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It appears that the business world is finally welcoming cafeterias as a focal point for corporate meet-ups and events. New businesses and progressive corporations are riding the peak of this wave.

It is no surprise that the employees normally float towards laid-back areas in quest of peace, one-on-one talks, and different things that are difficult in a traditional office. All things considered, a well-planned cafeteria offers a necessary break from screen time and a chance to clear one’s head. It is the new highlight of office life, the future of a smart Workplace!


 In a contemporary corporate world, the cafeteria is significantly more than a space to take lunch or coffee break. It’s an active collaboration hub where individuals and teams meet up to have discussions and casual conversations. Nowadays it’s common to see news shared over an espresso, meetings to brainstorm new ideas or company occasions where the employees can gather. Let’s look into why cafeterias are becoming so popular in the workplace:

  • The best thing about the cafeteria is that it overflows a casual vibe and enables workers to loosen up and recharge their batteries. If they wish, employees can bring their laptops there and set up a workstation whenever they want. Thus, employees are able to bond on a more meaningful level, get the job done.


  •  The Cafeteria is a good platform to take collaboration, team-building, and worker engagement to a whole new level. To go an extra mile, a few workplaces consolidate different home-like or café features like quartz counter-tops, catering stations, and breakfast bars. Sometimes, kitchens take the form of vast dedicated canteens that can accommodate everybody. This way, they can double as a meeting room or a conference room.


  • The cafeteria is a very versatile space. It incorporates flexible seating arrangements and is multi-purpose. It supports employee’s health and prosperity and is an amazing way to ignite creativity and empower workers to handle the daily grind with restored power.


The cafeteria has come a long way: from the side-tracked business domain to the focal point of the office. It is now seen in a completely new light, as a perfect tool for capturing the essence of positive company culture and embodying business values and practices.


Planning to transform your old cafeteria at the workplace? iWPS | Integrated WorkPlace Solutions space design and build services can help you envision the type of cafeteria you desire!

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