The iWPS | Integrated WorkPlace Solutions team members are active listeners so that clients will be satisfied with our work from the very beginning. We believe that a crucial part of any design process is the initial design brainstorm between the client and the designer. We are here to listen to your Workplace needs, and transform them into truly beautiful works of art.


The Design process is a key stage that takes time to get right. At the beginning of the project journey, a brief will be created and tested to identify the best solutions to improve your team’s work environment and future-proof your workspace as far as possible. A successful Workplace is built on the consistent integration of space and technology.Our dedicated team will deal with the full procedure – from the initial briefing to project completion. We are completely committed to delivering a solution that meets your budget, timescales, and goals. We will work alongside you to ensure we gain a full comprehension of your business requirements. We will truly understand your needs for this project and accommodate all your present and future requirements to ensure we develop the best workplace solution.Whatever Workplace Design proposals you may have we will guarantee that we convey consistency and balance all through the Design project and will ensure that you get the best Interior Design services.


Our Interior designers along with our in-house technical specialists create spaces that connect with the user both aesthetically and functionally. The spaces are intuitive, simple and humanized. We uniquely offer a 360° fully integrated Interior Design service that provides end-to-end workplace solutions, which includes branding, MEP, AV, IT, sustainability, security, and employee wellness. At every stage, we work in collaboration with our clients offering high value consulting advice to create innovative spaces accurately reflect a company’s brand values and culture.We harness the healing effects of art, nature, color, materials, furniture, light and space to create a workplace that resonates with the mind, body, and spirit of employees. We conjointly use sustainable, active and wellness-focused design strategies to create buildings healthier for all. Most importantly, we strive to create workplaces that have a great impact on people.


The iWPS | Integrated WorkPlace Solutions Design and Build model integrates transformational Design strategy with unequaled speed, quality, flexibility, cost certainty delivered using best in class digital technology. The traditional journey of office Design and Build can be unpredictable, inconsistent on performance and Design with the high risk of cost overruns and time delays. Our integrated lean methodology allows our designers, technical teams, and project managers to work collaboratively to eliminate risk and deliver a “wow” outcome. Let us manage this entire design journey from conception, all the way through to construction leading by Design and people’s experiences.The iWPS | Integrated WorkPlace Solutions is a full-service firm that seamlessly facilitates every step of the Design and Builds process which integrates Design, project management, construction, and technology. We believe in giving our client a one-stop solution for all their Workplace Design needs. Our USP is our excellent and aesthetic lly appealing designs and our deep knowledge about Workplace Interior Design.Our in-house project management team and Designers offers complete supervision and work side by side under one roof which positively impacts the schedules, budgets and overall success of our projects. Our service delivers high- quality Design and Build solutions promptly and produces results by efficiently utilizing the resources. It’s vital for us to make sure our relationship with you and our deliverables are on track. We have enforced a robust feedback method to refine our services and meet your design needs as our client.