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Ready to transform your workspace into a powerhouse of productivity and creativity? Look no further! 

In the bustling heart of Bengaluru, where innovation and culture collide, Redseer Strategy Consultants embarked on a mission to redefine their workspace. Known for their ground-breaking insights and strategic consulting in the consumer internet space, Redseer sought to partner with a firm that shared their ethos of innovation and excellence. iWPS Global was their chosen ally on this journey, tasked with transforming the Redseer office into a space that not only fosters creativity and collaboration but also embodies the firm’s forward-thinking spirit.

Crafting a Space That Inspires

Understanding Redseer’s role as a beacon of innovation in the consulting world, iWPS Global approached the transformation with a keen focus on creating an environment that encourages creative thinking and collaborative problem-solving. The design philosophy was clear from the outset: to blend modern aesthetics with functional design, creating a workspace that is both inspiring and practical.

A Nod to Innovation and Growth

iWPS Global’s design strategy centered around Redseer’s identity as a pioneer in the digital strategy and investment advisory services. The office was reimagined with open, airy spaces to encourage a free flow of ideas among the team. Interactive zones and think-tanks were introduced, equipped with the latest in digital technology, to simulate the dynamic and fast-paced world of internet economy consulting.

Bringing the Outdoors In

In line with Redseer’s focus on consumer happiness and well-being, iWPS Global incorporated biophilic design elements to bring a sense of the outdoors into the workplace. The use of natural light, green spaces, and elements of nature throughout the office not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also contributed to a healthier, more vibrant work environment.

Spaces That Tell a Story

Every corner of the Redseer office was meticulously crafted to reflect the firm’s journey and achievements. From the lobby that showcases their milestones and accolades to the meeting rooms named after key projects and clients, the space tells the inspiring story of Redseer’s decade-long journey of impacting consumer delight and industry trends.

A Transformation Acknowledged

The revamped workspace received accolades not just from the Redseer team but also from clients and visitors, who found the new office to be a true reflection of the firm’s ethos of innovation and excellence.

Praise from the Top

Reflecting on the transformation, Anil Kumar, CEO of Redseer, shared his thoughts:

“The new workspace designed by iWPS Global is a testament to our journey of innovation and growth. It’s a space that not only inspires our team on a daily basis but also resonates with everyone who walks through our doors. iWPS Global has truly captured the essence of Redseer, creating an environment that facilitates creativity, collaboration, and well-being. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”


The collaboration between Redseer and iWPS Global in transforming the office space is a perfect example of how a well-thought-out design can reflect a company’s identity and aspirations. The new Redseer office stands as a testament to the power of space in fostering innovation and growth, embodying the firm’s commitment to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations.

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